Canmera Video Productions


canmera video production company

Who We Are

Canmera is a Montreal based full-service video production company for businesses. As a full-service video production company, Canmera specializes in all three aspects of video production: pre-production, production and post-production.

The pre-production phase consists of the beginning stages of video production in which ideas are discussed and a plan towards accomplishing your company’s goals is implemented. This phase is followed by the production stage in which your video is shot by professionals. After the video is filmed post-production occurs, during this phase, the editing, sound correction, graphics and other fine-tuning tricks occur that will make your video successful. If applicable, the video is finalized with subtitles in English or French.

Our Vision

At Canmera video production we value the relationships with our clients and their organizations. We aspire to support businesses in our community to succeed by providing a platform for expression through video production to promote their vision. We focus on innovation and creativity to develop a customized plan for our clients while being open to accept new ideas and collaboration.

Our Mission

Our video production services are an investment, our mission at Canmera video production is to showcase your vision, from the creation of scripts to special effects for your video through our camera lens  to turn your ideas into a reality!



Corporate Video

We create corporate video content as well as promotional videos. Our corporate video content is geared towards your company’s mission and demographical target. For instance, Canmera offers video production for internal corporation videos such as staff training, instructional videos, health & safety videos as well as corporate overview videos. 

Promotional videos

Promotional videos are marketing videos created for the purpose of promoting your company’s services or goods that target an audience’s trust towards your brand and interest towards purchasing your product or service. 

Video production consulting  

Canmera offers consultation to businesses in which we provide advice and help you create a plan for your businesses video production whether the filming takes place at your house, an office space or outdoors. Additionally, we provide consultation about the three phases of video production: pre-production, production and post-production.